Dual Port Controller Kit

Dual Port Controller Kit
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  • Items such as our Heated Seats, Foot Warmers, Heated Vests and Jackets can easily be plugged into the 2 separate DC Jacks and the temperature is controlled from the Handle Bars as you are riding for items drawing up to 200 watts.
  • On Harley Davidson Motorcycles, the DC Jack Assembly is mounted on the Horn Bracket and the Power Demon Controller, which is a mirror image of the Symtec Heat Demon Controller, is mounted on the Throttle Side of the Handlebar.
  • The sleek and attractive looking Power Demon Controller allows the rider to select 4 Levels of Heat while riding to stay comfortably warm and never have to take your eyes off the road while making the adjustments.
  • This safety feature alone versus fumbling to adjust some Thermostats, makes the Power Demon a premium item to have on your motorcycle.
  • The 4 Temperature Levels of accessories plug into the Power Demon are selected by pressing a button on the handlebar mounted Controller.
  • The Heat Level selected is displayed on the controller by 4 colored LED'S which can also be dimmed for night riding. Another set of of white LED'S illuminate perimeter of the DC Jacks on the Horn Bracket to show where the accessory plugs can be connected during dark nights.
  • The Power Demon Jack Assembly and the Controller are easy to install and the Controller comes in a sleek and stylish Chrome or Black version.

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